Frequently Asked Questions


Select the topic of your question from the links below to jump directly to that category. Click on a question from the list to see the answer. If you have a disability that makes it difficult to express your interest in a job through our online application process, or if you require, please contact us to tell us about your needs.
  • You'll need to complete our online registration to register on Job Career Website. Registration should take up to 5 minutes
  • We understand the importance of security when entering personal information online. To protect your information whilst registering, Job Career website uses industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to encrypt and secure your data. Whilst registering and signing in, you'll notice the address changes to begin with https:// - this shows that SSL encryption is working.
  • CV size is sometimes inflated by hidden formatting. If your CV document is over the 1MB limit, you can try the following:
    • Remove any tables or images from your CV
    • Copy and paste the text of your CV into notepad, and then copy and paste it back into your Word Document
  • You can save one CV on your Job Career profile. You can replace your CV as often you like.
    You can enter a new covering letter for every application you make on Job Career. We'll automatically save your last covering letter, and use it to pre-fill the covering letter field on your next application.
  • When you apply for jobs, both your profile information and your CV will be available to the recruiter. To ensure recruiters can find relevant jobs for you, it's important to keep this information up to date.
  • You only enter your profile data in your user account once. Submitting your application via your user account saves you the effort of entering all the data each time you apply for further positions. Your account also enables you to save relevant positions, manage your password and profile, delete your profile and create a job agent. Via your user account, you will be automatically notified of new positions which correspond to your profile.
  • Since the job postings on our career site are continuously updated, you can be sure that all the positions published are still open.

Company Profile

  • To access your Company Profile you must be an Account Administrator.
    Company Profiles can be accessed from your homepage menu
  • The first time you build your Company Profile you must complete your company overview and upload a logo. All other information is optional however job seekers will engage more with a profile that has more detail.

    By clicking ‘Save and Preview’ this will demonstrate how your profile will appear, this will only be visible to you. Once you click ‘Publish’ this will make the profile visible to jobseekers immediately.

    Clicking Publish makes the profile visible to job seekers immediately. You can save and preview before publishing to see how your changes will look.
  • You can edit your Company Profiles as often as you like. After editing your profile clicking ‘Publish’ will make the profile visible to jobseekers immediately.
  • Once your profile has been published it will automatically link to all of your live jobs and any new jobs posted by all account holders.

Access and Troubleshooting Issues

Plans that grow with your business

jobcareer clients have the capacity to look over five appealing, Use based arrangements. jobcareer clients have
the capacity to look over five appealing, Use based arrangements. Charging is month to month.

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